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Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

SORTIE-ND Downloads

SORTIE-ND software is subject to the SORTIE-ND license. Downloading any software or source code indicates your acceptance of this license.

Versions 6.04 and up include a sample parameter file with output. More information about this sample file can be found here.

SORTIE-ND version 7.05 downloads, released June 6, 2017

SORTIE-ND version 7.04 downloads, released January 30, 2017

SORTIE-ND version 7.03 downloads, released January 20, 2016

SORTIE-ND version 7.02 downloads, released October 17, 2014

SORTIE-ND version 7.01 beta downloads, released October 18, 2012

SORTIE-ND version 6.11 downloads, released April 20, 2011

SORTIE-ND version 6.10.01 downloads, released March 5, 2010

SORTIE-ND version 6.09 downloads, released February 1, 2008

SORTIE-ND version 6.08 downloads, released May 24, 2007

SORTIE-ND version 6.07 downloads, released November 30, 2006

SORTIE-ND version 6.06 downloads, released March 29, 2006

SORTIE-ND version 6.05 downloads, released August 3, 2005

SORTIE-ND version 6.04 downloads, released May 16, 2005

SORTIE-ND version 6.03 downloads, released April 6, 2005

SORTIE-ND version 6.02 downloads, released March 10, 2005